The Saint Paul Christian School students participate in a variety of arts programs during the course of the school year as part of their daily course work or as a co-curricular program.

  • Elementary Division students have art and music integrated into various subject areas.
  • Middle School Division students can select choir, jazz band, or orchestra as their Middle School Fine Arts credits.
  • High School Division students must complete at least one full credit of fine arts.  Several students are able to participate in the annual spring productions.  Spring productions range from a full-fledged Broadway type of plays to concerts


This year our choir expanded their wings by performing in competitions such as the Guam Chamber of Commerce Christmas Competition and the Asia Friendship Exchange.  This will be the first time Saint Paul Christian School will be sending. delegates to the Philippines to perform in an exhibition of talents from neighboring nations.


Saint Paul Christian has an all school jazz band and an all school orchestra. Students perform a wide variety of music from Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Worship music, hip-hop, and classic. The Elementary Division has a drumline. These students learn the basics of rhythm and beat. After progressing to music theory, these students are ready to perform in the one of the music groups upon entering Middle School.